About us

Our mission:

To provide professionals with such excellent training that they develop increased:
competence (which leads to)
confidence (in their practice and develops into) 
passion (for helping people resolve their disputes in alternative ways.)
What we offer:

The Institute’s aim is to equip both ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and non-ADR professions in four areas:

Conflict Resolution

Post-Conflict Restoration
Corporate Wellness
Conflict Prevention

 ICR will deliver this education and training through the following:

National Conferences featuring world-class experts in their specialty (CLE credits)

Regional Workshops on specific topics (CLE credits)

Local Bar Association & Other Professional Association Trainings

Webinars (CLE credits)

Training Videos

  • Workbooks
  • Practice Guides
  • Published Books

We focus on practical application to boost practitioner effectiveness and client satisfaction.